Park open

Park open

Park open is an venue in the middle of the cityparks at Arnhem. Every year in the summer they set up an podium with very nice acts. Do you also love live music? Than you should go there once.


Park Open is organized in the middle of the beautiful Park Sonsbeek near the center and Central Station of Arnhem. That is the most important tip; don’t come by car. The bus also stops around the corner, look for the correct times on


Park Open is naturally green! We are in the middle of the beautiful Park Sonsbeek, on the Ronde Weide, surrounded by monumental beech trees and countless other special trees. In our festival policy we treat our location and environment with care and care. We ask the same from our visitors. So think along with us and clean up your own mess as much as possible, also on the way to the park! Certainly small things such as cigarettes, caps etc. disappear easily underground and that cannot be the intention.

Entrance = Free!

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Program @ Park open

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