Kroeg van Klaas

Kroeg van Klaas

The well-attended musical and other activities have been luring people from Stad en Ommeland to Klaas’ Pub for more than 40 years. With the weekly live music evenings on Saturday, the Open Stage, De Dichtclub, De Meindert & Igor & De Jonge Boschfazant & Kesanova show, The listening concerts, the Pub quiz, The Popquiz, The swinging African jam sessions, The Themed evenings, The Songclub and Klaverjasclub Cum Laude has the Pub of Klaas a programming for “something for everyone”. A program full of Groningen culture

Since 1 January 2018, Marleen Vermooten (former owner of Café Marleen) has taken over the operation of the pub from Fokke de Boer, who ran the pub for 30 years. Well-known face and fantastic bartender Wouter is still a fixture behind the bar. An excellent billiards table, a smoking room, two darts in the back room complete the café.

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Program @ Kroeg van Klaas

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