De Welvaart

De Welvaart

Welcome to De Welvaart! In this beautiful historic building, built in 1662 as a commander’s house in the center of Hollum, you will find an interior that fully values ​​the building. And that is not so difficult because the building has been used for years to make guests feel welcome. It has been an inn and a hotel once and in recent years, actually since the war, the building served as a café. Inside, all kinds of natural colors and materials have been used, so that it does not seem unnecessarily modernized. Imagine yourself in the café just after the war, but with the luxury of today. The atmosphere is pleasant and the staff friendly and relaxed. You will never have the feeling that you are too much, but rather the feeling that you no longer want to go home. And that is not necessary, because from coffee with cake to dinner and possibly snacks at the late evening; Prosperity has something for everyone. It is coming home, but on Ameland. Are you looking for a place where the holiday feeling really comes into its own? Where time seems to go a little slower and where even the children are not bored? Then you have come to the right place. See you soon!

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