Cultureel café De Amer

Cultureel café De Amer

Cultural Café De Amer is an old café (1916) with a lot of music, but also literature, deepening, meeting, philosophy and culture in a place where you should not be in a hurry. Attention, passion and love, that’s what it’s all about.

In a homely atmosphere, listening audiences and artists meet. National and international artists bring a wide variety of music styles to great heights here in the form of intimate listening concerts. Searching for musical depth: Not only the decibels count, but also the peace between notes.

As a foundation, the Cultural Café De Amer has no profit motive. It’s about the music and other activities. But we try to work in a businesslike and efficient manner in order to maintain our activities.

Cultural Café De Amer will start the following season, and we do so confidently. From its inception as a music café in 1991, there has been steady growth that has brought us to where we are today: A unique Cultural Café in the heart of Drenthe.

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