Venus Hill

Venus Hill @ De Nieuwe Anita

Entrance only 7,50 euro

Live on Stage: Venus Hill

Deejays: Dionysius and Charley will play all types of SKA: from original Jamaican Ska and rock steady on vinyl singels ‘till 2-TONE SKA from the 80’s and more!

The band plays an irreverent interpretation of the ska sound. With three female lead vocalists out front, Venus Hill has a bit of the Supremes in their skank AND they mix rock, reggae and punk sounds into their set.. The horn section alternates hot licks and silly dance routines while the rhythm section nailes down a steady beat. Venus Hill reminds you just how much fun this sort of music can be.

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09 November 2019 20:00 - 01:30

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Free Event

Venus Hill

Program @ De Nieuwe Anita

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