Van Piekeren

Van Piekeren @ Café Hofman

For three months, every weekend, the festival travels to unique and most striking locations in Utrecht. The goal: to surprise visitors with a collection of talented artists from the Utrecht music, art and design world.

P Van Piekeren
Storyteller and singer Jan van Piekeren has been chasing his musical dream for over a quarter of a century. Now that his daughter is getting married, he can finally break through with peace of mind. Everyone can really know everything about him. With his raw, weathered voice, he takes you into his world.

Micky Dirkzwager
This young illustrator backs out the book ‘That is your problem’ at Uitgeverij Brandt last year. Now she is in the Metro every month with a page full of drawings. Spontaneity, movement and humor are important in her drawings.

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08 December 2019 20:15 - 21:15

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Free Event

Van Piekeren

Program @ Café Hofman

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