Trudy and the Romance + GENTS

Trudy and the Romance + GENTS @ Vessel 11

Admission: € 10 (including service costs)

During Motel Mozaïekque 2018 we fell in love with the loosely played songs of Trudy and the Romance. The fact that front man Oliver Taylor has the appearance of a character from a Disney film also helps, of course.

The music of this charming British company daydreams in the romance of the fifties, stumbling like a shy schoolboy between the sentimental orchestral splendor of The Great American Songbook and the fledgling birth of rock ’n roll. Trudy and the Romance air the heart and sings about the big dreams and small jitters, surrendering themselves to the dizzying merry-go-round where love and melancholy are entwined.

The Danish GENTS are also sensitive souls, although they carry that out with a delicate eighties synth pop sound. The second album Human Connection focuses on – you guessed it – the earthly human connections, and how they present themselves in a world in which we are increasingly sucked into the digital vacuum. This friendly duo unabashedly embraces romance and bliss, with songs that nestle carelessly between their ears.

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29 November 2019 21:00 - 23:00

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Free Event

Trudy and the Romance + GENTS

Program @ Vessel 11

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