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The Jones Project

Consisting of one member, Callum, who takes up all non-live aspects of the project alone, The Jones Project was officially formed in the Summer of 2020. After a brief demo recording in mid-2017 and a few years of travel, absorbing pieces of all-important inspiration, the Project was formed from a desire to express a personally sculpted and realised sound. With influences ranging from Psychedelic Rock to Lounge Jazz, The Jones Project’s sound roots itself in a wide variety of genres.

Hoping to induce a driving sense of tranquillity to the audience upon experiencing, while leaving the lyrics and narrative open to interpretation. Floating, ethereal guitars, wide, dream-like backing vocals, nostalgic synth melodies, thick, groove ridden basslines and tightly wound, punchy drums form coherent pieces of music that sit perfectly partnered with a San Francisco sunset.

Experience The Jones Project, take it down a gear. With smooth sounds that do the rounds to soothe troubled ears.

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11 Juni 2022 23:00 - 03:00

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Free Event

The Jones Project

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