The Gin Ties

The Gin Ties @ Bourbon Street
19 September 2019 22:00 - 05:00
The Gin Ties are a rock & roll guitar band based in Amsterdam, NL playing classic rock, R&B, blues & original songs.

The Gin Ties – the urban myth surrounding the name: Years back the old Amsterdam Jenever/Gin drinkers, the morning after the night before, had to use a knot in their ties to steady the glass to lift it to their mouth for the first shot of the day.

The Gin Ties put their own flavour to traditional roots rock classics from Robert Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf, Elvis, Chuck Berry, Willie Nelson, The Stones, Van Morrison, Stray Cats etc. as well as performing & recording their own material.

The Gin Ties What's Live Live muziek Amsterdam

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