The first resort

The first resort @ The Waterhole

The First Resort is a Nijmegen rock band formed in 2016. The line-up currently consists of: singer Janet Renders (21), guitarists Erik-Jan van Drieenhuizen (20) and Robin Peeters (25), bassist Kimon Onassis (26) and drummer Twan Arts (21).

The First Resort is not shy on stage. Live, under the leadership of a powerful frontwoman, a wall of sound can be expected full of hard guitar riffs, clattering cymbals and pumping basses. Classic covers such as ” Sharp Dressed man ” and ” Highway to Hell ”regularly pass by, but also the stronger use of Rage Against The Machine and Metallica is certainly not left out.

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30 Augustus 2019 23:00 - 02:30

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Free Event

The first resort

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