Sway Wild (feat. Mandy Fer & Dave McGraw)

Sway Wild (feat. Mandy Fer & Dave McGraw) @ In de steeg

Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer are true nature lovers and explorers: McGraw worked for over a decade as a biologist in the desert regions of Mexico and Arizona to the rich flora and fauna of the northern US and its surrounding waters. Mandy Fer lived in Spain for a while where she studied music and culture. Together as songwriters, their music career is also much based on all their travel experiences and the people they meet, sounds and things they encounter there, but especially the stories that come their way, they mix in a rich and detailed mix of folk, pop and rootsy americana music. Under their new name Sway Wild, they have taken a new, surprising path.

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30 Oktober 2019 20:15 - 22:30

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Free Event

Sway Wild (feat. Mandy Fer & Dave McGraw)

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