Sven Davis

Sven Davis @ The Waterhole
Sven was born on January 26th 1993, in a place near Haarlem (Amsterdam). When Sven hit the age of 6, he was allowed to come along with his father to see him play the drums in a cover band. Sven used to climb onto the stage, had no fear for the audience and then stood in between the singers miming all the songs. When Sven was 10-years old the band let him sing a live song. The 2000-strong audience went crazy when he started singing! Sven appeared to have a great voice and a great stage personality.
He immediately started looking for more songs to sing. He started to perform with some Dutch and English songs and he became a busy singer.
His performances then were limited to shopping centers, private parties, but always with great success. People would even get emotional and grab there tissues to dry off there tears.

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05 September 2019 22:30 - 14:30

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Free Event

Sven Davis

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