Supersonics @ Café Loburg

Entrance: 10 euro (inclusief 4 beers La Trappe Bock, Steenbrugge Bock, Weihenstephaner Vitus, Maximus Bock 7)

Original roots music with influences ranging from rockabilly and rock ’n roll to blues and rhythm ’n blues, up to some 60’s vibes and twanging’ country music. That’s Supersonics in a nutshell!

Singer/guitarist Pascal founded the band in 2016…main goal was to start a band with strictly original songs, in all kinds of different roots styles and without being labelled “a rockabilly band” or “a country band”.

The songs blend between rock ’n roll, country, americana, rhythm ’n blues and rockabilly and even some 60’s (garage). The main sound of the band is raw and firm, with two electric lead guitars headlining that sound. The backbeat is tight with big drums and big ol’ upright bass. It creates a thumping sound in very songs and makes it swing like a king!

Just come and see! Supersonics guarantee to blow your socks off!!

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19 Oktober 2019 22:00 - 02:00

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Free Event


Program @ Café Loburg

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