Subterranean Street Society

Subterranean Street Society @ Stathé

Subterranean Street Society is the moniker of one the most talented buskers of Amsterdam. His stage is usually set on the squares of the city, but luckily, he’s got The Waterhole’s stage at his disposal tonight.

He draws his inspiration from artists like Towns Van Zandt, Radiohead, Feist, Neil Young, The Beatles en Bob Dylan. With his effortless guitar playing and refined songwriting, he’s in a busking-league of his own. The troubadour and true romantic loves to be among the many excentric characters the streets of Amsterdam have to offer. Tonight however, we’re happy he plays an indoor gig!

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04 December 2019 20:00 - 23:00

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Free Event

Subterranean Street Society

Program @ Stathé

:( No live music today