Starklinnemann quarted

Starklinnemann quarted @ Metropole
27 Oktober 2019 16:00 - 18:00

Since its foundation in 2012, the StarkLinnemann formation has been making music with a timeless character. Jazz and world music meet in classical masterpieces in a fascinating way.

StarkLinnemann’s approach; transforming classical masterpieces by Liszt, Chopin, Mussorgsky and Beethoven, among others, into the here and now. The musical core, the ‘soul’ of the work, remains recognizable while creative rhythms and modern harmonies are added to create a coherent modern jazz composition.

The genre of StarkLinnemann can best be described as: Universal – Crossover – Music.

The co-leaders of the band Paul Stark (piano) and Jonas Linnemann (drums) are constantly looking for musicians who agree with the broad vision of StarkLinnemann. Since the foundation they have worked with various line-ups. You can hear this on the albums; Awake (2014), Transcending Chopin Volume 1 (2016) Transcending Chopin Volume 2 & 3 (2016) and Pictures at an Exhibition (2018/2019).

The StarkLinnemann Quartet crystallized into a musical entity with the talented multi-instrumentalist Iman Spaargaren and bassist Maciej Domaradzki.

Looking ahead, the StarkLinnemann Trio / Quartet / Quintet wants to continue to make crossovers between classical music, jazz and world music with an adventurous character. StarkLinnemann is currently preparing for their fifth (double) album entitled: Transcending Beethoven.

StarkLinnemann can be regularly seen and heard on national and international stages. In June / July 2020 a large tour is planned for the StarkLinnemann Quintet. The line-up will be expanded with the Russian trombonist Anton Boiarskikh.

Career highlights are sold-out shows at Alexandrinsky theater St. Petersburg and the Royal Concertgebouw Amsterdam.

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