Seance @ The Waterhole

SEANCE is ROCK. Almost a year ago, the band was formed with the current members and they have been working around the clock to write songs and record an album. After a couple of months the record album “Musik An, Augen Zu, Welt Aus” was released.

Haarlem based alternative rock outfit SEANCE aren’t much for biographies or social media attacks.
They play a different game.

They opt to marathon. To be a work horse, cart first. Clambering the shoulders of giants.
Fighting the good fight.

Outlined by guitars, Tempered songwriting and diversified influences. All they wanna do is rock every stage in the country and they aim to include you.

Event Data

15 Juli 2019 22:15 - 23:15

Type of Event

Free Event


Program @ The Waterhole

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