Sean Gascoigne and St. Maane

Sean Gascoigne and St. Maane @ De Nieuwe Anita

Sean Gascoigne is like a musical octopus; he plays guitar, kick, snare and sings his heart out all at the same time. His music is fast, slow, loud, soft, pretty and ugly, his lyrics are bitter-sweet with a cynical and dark edge. His shows are funny, awkward, sarcastic and real. He’ll be bringing his little acoustic setup and of course his EPs; records he created all on his own in his home studio, playing all the instruments himself, creating layer upon layer of sound. Sean Gascoigne, the sound painter.
For fans of: Beck, Daniel Johnston, Francis Bacon and Wes Anderson.

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15 November 2019 19:00 - 22:00

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Free Event

Sean Gascoigne and St. Maane

Program @ De Nieuwe Anita

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