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Originated from a morning ritual that started during a surf trip in Panama. After an early morning surf session, four friends would return from the beach to make their well-deserved breakfast: oats, bananas, milk and… a little bit of rum! While at first this may seem a little bit odd, it has proven itself to be the perfect start to a fulfilling day.

This is what Rum for Breakfast stands for: enjoying life, but with a certain sense of awareness that you’re living it. Just like pouring a bit of rum into your healthy breakfast is!

The person behind Rum for Breakfast is the Dutch singer-songwriter Machiel Scholten. His songs are personal and reflective, touching upon day-to-day topics as well as deeper, more philosophical matter. Sometimes with a tear, sometimes with a smile: just like live.

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12 Juni 2020 21:00 - 21:45

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Rum for Breakfast

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