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Robin Borneman @ Rotown

Robin Borneman started his musical career in a remarkable way: thanks to a cover by Tom Waits on YouTube, he was suddenly discovered by the popular American hard rock formation Trans Siberian Orchestra. The band did not ask Borneman to play in the supporting act, no: he was immediately incorporated as frontman and singer of the band.

Between major arena shows in America, Borneman invariably works on his own material. This year comes the last part of his conceptual Folklore trilogy, The Cradle Tree, which tells the story of an explorer without a name. With the help of friends from the band Navarone, Borneman sings beautiful chronicles about “reflection, realization, love and wisdom” under the guise of his mystical folk.

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05 Oktober 2019 21:00 - 23:00

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Free Event

Robin Borneman

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