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Rachel Harrington @ Trianon

A main theme in Harrington’s work is “addiction”: Rachel herself was drinking for a long time – the fate of many a touring artist – a musician friend died of an overdose – “Gave it All Away” came from her and her brother is stuck with a drug addiction, which in turn was the reason for “Save Yourself”. Rachel’s own assault experience from when she was only eight, yielded the beautiful song “Child of God” and a person would then be inclined to think that everything on the album is about doom and gloom, but that is not true: Rachel appears again found love and writes a few very beautiful songs about it, which balance the album nicely.

As a listener you are thinking about Guy Clark all the time, not only because of the striking lyrics, but also because of the way many of the songs are sung. That does not seem to be a coincidence, because one of the songs, “Susanna” is dedicated to Guy’s strong other half and was written together with Mandolin Hooper. Other assistance on the plate comes from, among others, Lloyd Maines, fiddler Eamon McLoughlin, Laura Veirs and Casey Neill.

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08 Oktober 2019 21:00 - 00:00

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Rachel Harrington

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