Price @ Stathé

Born as Marnix Visscher’s brainchild, Price has grown to a full band stretching their capacity to a maximum and broadening their compositions. Operating in a spectrum between 60’s garage jams and tongue-in-cheek 70’s hardrock with a hint of Television-esque guitar work and some acid drenched fuzzy psychedelia, Price knows how to make your ears bleed and bloom at the same time.

“Visscher’s unassuming, unhurried poise might be his foil in a small country like The Netherlands, where the ones who scream the loudest get the most rewards. But seriously, the dude is an absolute tour de force. Though Price features Visscher’s signature acidic squall and penchant for wiry hooks that always seem to stick, their bread and butter is restraint, steadiness, and depth, never getting too ahead of themselves. I hear a lot of sonic elements of The Stone Roses, Ulrika Spacek and Isn’t Anything-era My Bloody Valentine. But within the frame of Visscher’s melodic tendencies – turning frequent about-faces – Price is quite a unique little beast.”

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10 Juli 2019 20:00 - 23:59

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Free Event


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