Pile + Fine China Superbone

Pile + Fine China Superbone @ Vessel 11
12 September 2019 21:00 - 23:00

Entrance: €11,50,- (incl servicekosten)

Pile is not particularly picky when it comes to turning frustrations and fears into music. Spindle Rick Maguire delves deep into the grab bag of styles for inspiration: post-hardcore, indie rock, slowcore, dark folk and noise rock. Some musicians would be frustrated by the constant line-up changes in twelve years. But Maguire embraces that chaos, because it allows him to reinvent Pile with every record.

On top of hope is the newest long-term Green and Gray, in which Maguire sings more from personal experiences than ever. The songs meditate on (of course) the political malaise in America, as well as Maguire’s personal confrontations with his fears: his tendency to embrace recluse, the move of his natural biotope Boston to Nashville.

With so many emotional lightning rods, Green and Gray captures a special field of tension: sometimes you can hear a pin drop, but that cataclysmic sound wave is always lurking. Pile is more dynamic and powerful than ever, and tonight the V11 gets the full layer!

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