Pek, Doepke, Teepe, Hart Jr.

Pek, Doepke, Teepe, Hart Jr. @ Metropole

The new quartet of Jeroen Pek is very much linked with the Dutch jazz label, Zennez Records. Individually, the musicians are already on roster of this label for quite some time. Facilitated by Zennez, Pek was looking for artistic cross connections within the label. The invitation by the association Ujazz (Utrecht/NL) to put together a group who have never played together, was the catalyst for him to form this quartet. In line with Pek’s reputation it has resulted in a multinational line-up with solid individual track records and a mutual click for adventurous and energetic interplay. The EP ‘Lets Sit’ will be released in March 2019.

Internationally renowned for his joyful energetic power play, great pallet of dynamics and a personal sound, Jeroen Pek has been touring and recording for over three decades with a wide array of projects. Both with his own and as a sideman he toured in Europe, North Africa and the USA.

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15 December 2019 16:00 - 17:00

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Free Event

Pek, Doepke, Teepe, Hart Jr.

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