Omnium Gatherum / In Mourning / Heidra

Omnium Gatherum / In Mourning / Heidra @ Baroeg

Vvk € 21,00. Entree € 22,00.

Omnium Gatherum is no stranger to Baroeg. The Finns have already been on our stage several times, always leaving an indelible impression. The six are already eight albums guaranteeing fantastic melodic death metal with more progressive metal being heard on later albums. The band around guitarist Markus Vanhala tours the world and it is an honor that they can be seen again in Baroeg.

Omnium Gatherum also brings Swedish In Mourning this time. Originating as a gothic doom band, this six has developed into a progressively sounding melodic death metal band in which they have never completely lost sight of their roots. In terms of style a perfect combination with the main act.

Heidra also fits well with this package. The band from Copenhagen understands like no other how to mix power metal with folk and black metal influences. The Danes roam in catchy and melodic songs that make them the perfect warm-up.

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18 Oktober 2019 19:00 - 23:00

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Free Event

Omnium Gatherum / In Mourning / Heidra

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