Mad Lee & The Mothercovers

Mad Lee & The Mothercovers @ The Waterhole

“Mad Lee: The one-band-festival-experience. Imagine you are standing in a party café. But with guitar music. Every tune is a sing-along and/or one to jump on together. And no, there is no DJ. But a 4-piece band that turns the venue completely upside down.
That’s Mad Lee.

The idea to this band came about after visiting multiple pop/rock festivals. All band members already have quite some experience in the regular cover work and saw the light. How beautiful a solo of a guitarist is, or how wonderful that drummer his solo, most of the public is not waiting for this. And that the bass player Gerrit-Jan Klaasen mountain from Suppelerveen, excites no one.
We have the headliners of Pinkpop, Lowlands, Down The Rabbit Hole, Rock Werchter, Rock am Ring and many others together seized, lumped together, sorted out, shortened and give this now in a rousing non-stop live show back to those who want! No chatter, but music! Ideal for both the Booker as the visitor, because the hits themselves rapidly follow up you do anywhere else. Except every now and then to the bar. “

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22 Augustus 2019 22:30 - 02:30

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Free Event

Mad Lee & The Mothercovers

Program @ The Waterhole

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