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Little Hat @ ’t Oude Pothuys

Little Hat are a brand new roots trio from the Netherlands, blending blues with a rock ’n roll feel to get their own sound. Inspiration came from Frankie Lee Simms, one of the artists the band covers, who in turn was influenced by Mississippi bluesman Dennis ‘Little Hat’ Jones. Little Hat’s sound is in large part defined by the absence of a bass player and choice of repertoire, and can be characterized as “sleazy, rockin’ and oldskool”.

At the core of the band are Machiel Meijers (zang/harmonica) and Willem van Dullemen (gitaar/zang), who have been active for some time in Stackhouse and Meijers & van Dullemen. Little Hat’s is rounded out by the driving rhythms of up and coming drum talent Paolo de Stigter. Meijers’ voice and harmonica sound raw and impassioned while van Dullemen expertly complements this with his deep knowledge of the various styles played. Little Hat is basically an ensemble band trying to pass for a one-man band, and the groove derived from their interplay makes each show unique.

During the band’s brief existence they have already become a welcome guest at many festivals and their debut album is soon to be released. All in all they’re off to a flying start every next move being watched by music press and audience alike.
Little Hat’s relentless grooves make their shows simply not to be missed !!!

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14 Maart 2020 23:00 - 01:00

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Free Event

Little Hat

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