Kangaroo Dynasty

Kangaroo Dynasty @ The Waterhole

Kangaroo Dynasty makes catchy rock songs with poppy synthesizers.

The four band members are from Leiden and surroundings, and in recent years the band has played everywhere in the Randstad in halls such as Paard van Troje, LVC, and Speakers. In 2009 the band played at Schollenpop alongside bands such as De Staat and Van Dik Hout.

Kangaroo Dynasty has recorded three EPs under their own management, picked up by local radio, and organized a tour through Germany twice. The tour report of one of these trips was released in limited edition on DVD, and has since grown into a collector’s item that generates astronomical amounts on the marketplace.

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02 November 2019 23:00 - 03:30

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Free Event

Kangaroo Dynasty

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