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Junkie and the Halo + CooCoo @ Musicon

Junkie and the Halo

Junkie and The Halo (photo) is a 5-headed band from The Hague, South Holland. In February 2019 the second EP “Seasons” was released. The foundation of the band is alternative rock, reinforced with pop influences. Add poppunk and creative use of metalcore elements and you get Junkie and the Halo. This gives the band a fresh sound that is characterized by the musical identity of each band member. In short, genuine songs. It is like a loving marriage between Paramore and Krezip. Live they offer an energetic, tight and above all genuine performance.


A young Pop-Punk / Alt-Rock band from Rotterdam with a unique mix of punk rock and catchy pop hooks. A band that especially wants to rock, but also has something to say. Inspired by artists such as: Billy Talent, The Clash, Paramore, Jack White and Rise Against. They already played on The Life I Live and Kaderock.

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06 September 2019 21:00 - 00:00

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Free Event

Junkie and the Halo + CooCoo

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