Jonny Smokes

Jonny Smokes @ The Waterhole

Some say men are unable to multitask. Jonny Smokes doesn’t just prove them wrong, he takes multitasking to the next level and far beyond. His unique and charismatic solo act is centered around live multitrack loop recordings.

At the heart of the creative process, the loop sampler pedal is surrounded by a vast array of foot activated guitar effects, vocal harmonizers, drum triggers and even DMX lighting controllers, essentially allowing Jonny Smokes to run a recording studio with his feet and activate his own light show, all in real time. Besides this impressive technical footwork, he will skillfully jump between playing both electronic and acoustic hand drums, keyboards, 5 string bass, and several different electric and acoustic guitars, all while singing both lead and backing vocals. Playing a wide variety of original compositions and popular cover songs of all styles, Jonny Smokes provides a one of a kind live music experience with something for everyone to enjoy.

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12 Juli 2019 21:00 - 22:30

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Free Event

Jonny Smokes

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