In The Woods / Ereb Altor / Isole / Shores Of Null

In The Woods / Ereb Altor / Isole / Shores Of Null @ Baroeg

What a nice package and only to be seen in Baroeg!
Norwegian In the Woods … actually needs no introduction. Originating as a black metal band, the company is now a leading progressive metal band with the necessary doom and black metal influences. In 2018 the sixth album “Cease The Day” was released with which the men confirmed their status.
Ereb Altor is also a name that you say against. Founded to honor the Viking metal period of Bathory in particular, the Swedish foursome already has seven albums to their name. They are all squatters. These Vikings also stand their ground live.
Two of the band members from Ereb Altor are also active in Isole. The music of this band can be described as epic doom. Although Isole has been around for much longer than Ereb Altor, the seventh album is due this year. In that respect, doom metal bands take their time.
Also doom, but from the melodic doom / death version, is Shores Of Null. The Roman quintet convinces with their music. So make sure you are on time and don’t miss them.

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09 Oktober 2019 18:00 - 23:00

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Free Event

In The Woods / Ereb Altor / Isole / Shores Of Null

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