Immolation / Ragnarok / Monument Of Misanthropy

Immolation / Ragnarok / Monument Of Misanthropy @ Baroeg

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Death Metal violent men Immolation return to Baroeg. Under the name “The Last Atonement” a European tour is being completed. The band from New York will then probably focus on the follow-up to the most recent album “Atonement”. The foursome has been active since 1988 and is rightfully one of the standard bearers in the Death Metal scene.
Incidentally, it is nice to see a varied line-up. With the Black Metallers from Ragnarok there is an extra reason for the blackened souls among us to travel to Baroeg. Since 1994, the Norwegians have been a fixture in the scene and guarantee stark, ice-cold black metal.
Monument Of Misanthropy could already be admired in Baroeg last year when they were also on the road with Immolation. The Austrian / French band around former Miasma roar buoy George Wilfinger then left a good impression with their brutal Death Metal with Grindcore traits.

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23 November 2019 18:00 - 23:30

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Free Event

Immolation / Ragnarok / Monument Of Misanthropy

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