Figgie + Le Motat

Figgie + Le Motat @ Vessel 11

Admission: € 11.50 (including service costs)

The Dutch-language indie pop company Figgie is fresh in both words and notes. The splendid debut Enough Houvast puts the difficult life choices in a light-hearted, manageable daylight. Playful, stirring rhythms a la Vampire Weekend form an intimate alliance with dreamy atmospheric elements. The lyrics give shape to the dilemmas faced by most people in their twenties: finding a difficult balance between new relationships and independence.

Are you looking for meaning in existence or are you surrendering to the pure euphoria? In some cases, the two do not have to exclude each other: every song on Genoeg Houvast feels like a micro-universe in which you can keep pressing the repeat button forever.

That hold still remains anchored in traditional songs, in which colorful melodies glide wonderfully naively into the opulence as a kind of daydream. With a fan base that is now as close as the band itself, Figgie has become a true cult phenomenon. Fortunately, nobody has to doubt about one thing: when Figgie comes to play, you’re there!

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08 November 2019 21:00 - 23:00

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Free Event

Figgie + Le Motat

Program @ Vessel 11

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