Gangs of Kin & Humble

Gangs of Kin & Humble @ Café Hofman

GANGS OF KIN | 21:30-22:15
Gangs of Kin is not a story of brutish male rites. Instead, it’s a name that plays on the familial bond we feel as cultural junkies, sound disciples and rabid ‘stans’ – the connection we feel as music lovers. Kinship is what keeps us falling all over again, for each and every note. As much akin to a band of grifters, traipsing around lower Manhattan seeking out beats, kin can represent our affinity for each and every unique and seemingly opposite music style that resides within all of us – as varied and assorted as any vintage vinyl bin.

HUMBLE | 22:45-23:30
Humble is a six-piece soul band from Utrecht….

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19 Januari 2023 21:30 - 23:30

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Free Event

Gangs of Kin & Humble

Program @ Café Hofman

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