FLEUR + The Sunset Society

FLEUR + The Sunset Society @ DB’s studios

The contemporary Yé-Yé diva FLEUR will soon release her second album Bouquet Champêtre. After the success of her debut album (“one of the best albums of 2020” – M. van Nieuwkerk), she is now back with her ambitious second album. Bouquet Champêtre means ‘field bouquet’: a casual bunch of flowers in different colours, shapes and lengths. Not tight and monochromatic, but wild, uneven and composed of different types of flowers. Each flower is beautiful on its own, but combine them in the right way and you get an overwhelming whole. The same goes for this album. You can enjoy each song with its own sound and feel, but listen to the album as a whole and you will float on FLEUR’s voice over a musical field bouquet filled with colors, sounds and scents inspired by albums like Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys ,Odessey and Oracle of The Zombies, 1968 by France Gall plus the soul of Motown. Great music from the sixties, but FLEUR is of today and she is in full bloom.

Support comes from the Amsterdam duo The Sunset Society that deals in sunny sixties pop sounds. “A big nod to the sound and theme of the past, but with the look of today,” according to the two. In the sultry love songs, for example, not only polyphonic nightingales can be heard, but also echoing guitars and surf influences with a psychedelic excess here and there. Like an eternal summer around the Christmas tree.

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17 December 2022 20:00 - 23:00

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Free Event

FLEUR + The Sunset Society

Program @ DB’s studios

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