Falko Nelson

Falko Nelson @ The Waterhole
Radiating purity, appreciation and positive energy, upcoming singer/songwriter Falko Nelson is carrying his songs wherever he can, hoping to touch people’s hearts and delivering a message of self-empowerment, -love and unity.
His music is best defined as a subtle blend of Pop, R&B and Soul, with an authentic flavour, addressing a broad audience. Through his inner journey he has been able to release and transform self-doubt and limitation, finally choosing what he loves most; creating music and humbly contributing to our global well-being. Wherever he is invited to play, he is very happy to share his warmth and passion with as many as possible. Honouring the invisible connectedness of everyone and everything.

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16 December 2019 20:00 - 20:45

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Free Event

Falko Nelson

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