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Erwin van Ligten @ ’t Oude Pothuys

Erwin started his career as a professional musician in The Dizzy Man’s Band.
Later he worked with many artists like, Bertus Borgers, Barry Hay, Sue Chaloner, Herman Brood, George Kooymans, Jan Akkerman, Kaz Lux, Hans Vermeulen, Dani Klein, Mathilde Santing, Ruth Jacott, Frederique Spigt in her band “A Girl Called Johnny”, Angela Groothuizen, Hind, Des’ray, Leonie Jansen, Do, Brigitte Kaandorp, Chris Hinze, Erwin Nyhof, Michel van Dijk, The Alessi Brothers, Harry Koster, Berget Lewis, Bob Color, Eddy’s Elektro Shop and Sarah Jane Wijdenbosch,.
And produced several albums for Julya Lo’ko, Cees Meerman, Astrid Seriese and Micheline van Hautem.

In 2006 his first solo album was released, Twisted Logic. Symbolic for the mixture of styles he absorbed through the years. His unique style is clearly audible.
As a composer he creates spherical, serene melodies. The opening track Dalyan is a good example.
But also other styles from country to blues, from fusion to world music pass in review with energy and temperament and take you to different places on earth.

In 2010 the roots are in the spotlights again! Erwin produced two Kroncong cd’s: one with Julya Lo’ko, Kroncong Baru, and one solo instrumental, Kroncong Baru Guitar. This last one is his second solo album.

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25 Januari 2020 22:30 - 00:00

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Erwin van Ligten

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