Erik Akoné

Erik Akoné @ Back & Fourth

We are serving a very special Blue Thirsty Beer so put on your blues shoes, bring all ya friends and get over to the Back&Fourth

Erik Ankoné is an enthusiastic performer who shows his heart in every song. His blues and folk songs are build on the traditions of simplicity and the story of folk music. His repertoire consists partly of his own work, partly of traditionals, which of course have been given their own twist. In between the songs, he likes to tell the beautiful stories that lie behind the music.

Erik is completely self-taught and has been singing in a blues band since childhood. He later went on to perform solo and then traveled with his small repertoire for a few months through the United States. By performing everywhere and playing a lot with local musicians, that repetoire has grown to what it is today.

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26 September 2019 21:00 - 23:59

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Free Event

Erik Akoné

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