Doom, Yacopsae, Crustenunie, Neuroot

Doom, Yacopsae, Crustenunie, Neuroot @ Baroeg

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The third Black Denim Festival is only next year, but below the
denominator Black Denim Presents first comes DOOM to Rotterdam!
That has almost nothing to do with doom metal, this is of course one of the leading crust bands on the half-scorched earth. The British high-risk group hit the barricades in 1987 with a hardcore stew of anarchopunk and extremely raunchy metal. This approach produced a pile of crust milestones, from debut album “War Crimes – Inhuman Beings” to the latest album “Corrupt Fucking System”. Doom rattles on to the bitter end.

Neuroot initially demolished the half-eighties with committed hardcore punk, of which the EP “Right Is Might” played the most destructive. The barbed wire was picked up again in 2013. Since then, the trio has traveled through Europe and made two trips to Asia. At Neuroot everything goes red again.

Yacoepsae can’t go crazy enough; “Krank Ist Normal” is their first EP from 1994. It sounded like a glorified demo, but when the German band recorded it again at the beginning of this century, it was a blitzkrieg of thrashing power violence. Also a band that manages the “mutebox dead stops” with military precision.

According to the best-selling fairy-tale book, Jesus was born in a cracked stable and stuck in the donkey food bowl. That ukkie was not eaten because donkeys are vegans, so after that there was shit, or Christianity. The Crustenunie goes against it with nothing-minded D-beatcrust that shouts social criticism from the green roofs.

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12 Oktober 2019 18:00 - 23:00

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Free Event

Doom, Yacopsae, Crustenunie, Neuroot

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