Caroline Cotter

Caroline Cotter @ Trianon
15 Oktober 2019 21:00 - 00:00

Eric Devries receives folk singer golden soprano voice

Caroline Cotter was born and raised in Providence, a city in the US state of Rhode Island. The love for the American folk was introduced to her at home. Since finishing her college, she has been traveling with her guitar and soprano voice and is touring the world with her music. In the meantime, in 15 years, she has visited 31 different countries on five continents.

In 2015 her debut album “Dreaming as I do” was released, which was very well received in the folk world. Her second album “Home on the River” was recently released. After visiting Spain, France and Belgium, Caroline travels this weekend to the Hogeland with this album for a concert at Andledon, before continuing on to Germany and Switzerland.

Caroline Cotter

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