Brigant Jamsessie

Brigant Jamsessie @ Brigant
22 September 2019 20:00 - 01:00

Every Sunday a big jam at Brigant, amplifiers, drum kit, microphones, sound system and technician present!
Pop-stage with a living room atmosphere, and a cozy cafe next door with games, board games and real goldfish.

Some general etiquette that we would like to maintain to keep it as fun as possible for everyone

1) Take your own instrument and conviviality (with the exception of drummers, who may be grumpy and only need to bring sticks)
2) A little understanding of music, enough so that you can understand what other people are playing and that you can explain what you are playing (key and chords)
3) Give everyone a chance to play, ask for the 3 “numbers” if there is someone who might want to take over your instrument, if not, keep playing
4) Covers are not prohibited, but try to give it a unique spin
5) No moisture near amplifiers please
6) Check with the sound engineer if you do not hear yourself, preferably not just crank up amplifiers (we have microphones and monitors for that)

Finally, if you would like to play a set with your band, contact the jam session organizer, then a date can be set. It would be nice to have a different band every week to open the jam!

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