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Bart van Lier (Haarlem, 14 June 1950) is the most important trombone player of his generation in conventional jazz styles. He starts as a studio musician, gradually develops into a leading soloist and later also becomes an important mentor of a complete trombone generation. As a jazz improviser, he combines great sophistication and sophisticated technology – which he conscientiously keeps up to date – with a desire for adventure. No two of his solos are alike and every solo is a leap of faith. The jury that awarded him the Jazz in Duketown Award in 2000 judges: ‘His style is characterized by a flowing melody, coupled with a fabulous technique. He can reach the extremes of his instrument and does so in a tasteful and artistic way, where technology is not the starting point, but serves the muse. “

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06 Oktober 2019 16:00 - 18:00

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Bart van Lier

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