Barely Autumn

Barely Autumn @ Café Hofman

When evening falls, Nico Kennes grabs his guitar. He writes, deletes and rewrites, but his music has remained within four walls for years. Until now. Under the name Barely Autumn, people from Brussels send their music to the world. First single “Losing Ground” summarizes Barely Autumn’s self-titled debut album in two powerful minutes. It is melodic melancholy from the class of Elliott Smith, Sophia and Eels. And the poetry of Nick Cave and Neil Young is never far away. Nico Kennes worked in all anonymity on his debut at the Arts Center STUK in Leuven and then isolated himself with his band and producer Wouter Vlaeminck (tomàn, Raketkanon, Renée) in the Ardennes. The British sound engineer John Davis (Nick Cave, U2, Royal Blood) did the mastering of the record. The self-titled debut album by Barely Autumn will be released on September 29 via Zealrecords.

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14 November 2019 21:00 - 02:00

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Free Event

Barely Autumn

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