Altitude @ The Waterhole

Still a young man, but the talented Brazilian singer, songwriter and composer Andrew Laureth began his professional carreer in music no less than twelve years ago.

He built this carreer quite meticulously. In 2003, his adventure started, with his first band Sixth Command. The next step would be A(L)titude, a Brazilian group that not only toured extensively through Brazil, but crossed the ocean to Europe. After two studio albums, and a very hectic tour schedule, which saw the band play Portugese, British, Italian and Dutch stages, it was time to stand on his own two feet. His solo debut So Much More came out in 2011. In 2014, he worked with American producer Michael Binder, which resulted in the release of his sophomore record Windows Of The Soul. During the accompanying tour, Laureth can not only draw from two albums of original material, but he’s put some great Brazilian classics in his repertoire as well. Andrew Laureth is making big moves towards becoming a big name. You can see this rising star now at The Waterhole!

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25 Juni 2022 23:00 - 03:00

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Free Event


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