A Mili

A Mili @ Grounds

A Mili is fire! When A Mili and her band enter the stage, you’ll be done in seconds. Her mix of soul, funk, urban and hip hop makes it impossible for you to stand still, and with her unparalleled performance and rock-solid lyrics she holds your attention!

In 2015, A Mili (Milaisa Breeveld) scored a big hit in her native country of Suriname with her single Geblinddoekt. She makes the crossing to the Netherlands where she goes to study and is quickly picked up by artists such as Typhoon, Kenny B and Jeangu Macrooy. Together with Jeangu Macrooy, she plays in places such as Lowlands, North Sea Jazz, ESNS and DWDD.

The catchy songs with a mix of soul, funk, urban and hip hop immediately catch the eye, and the energetic shows provide exuberant criticism and interest from the press and music industry. In the meantime, she has worked hard in the studio and can be seen in Grounds tonight!

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11 Januari 2020 20:00 - 23:59

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Free Event

A Mili

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